Hamburg, 31 Dec 2008

The higher the buildings get the less sky remains visible and the room for spontaneity becomes increasingly condensed.

Our motivation for this website was always to support a spontaneous expression of the people as the HafenCity took shape. Unfortunately, we are disappointed by the lack of anything permitted to happen here, apart from some strictly regulated events, solely providing a decorative backdrop for investor relations activities.

For this reason we will no longer update the content on this website until we notice something worth reporting.


Kunstkompanie launches a floating sculpture
Hamburg, 29 Mar 2008

The HafenCity has its own arts association. The not-for-profit organisation is called Kunstkompanie Hafencity and has already an enthusiastic following with a spectacular first exhibition. March 29, 2008 saw the launch of sculptor Jörg Plickat's floating steel construction entitled "Dialectic and Metamorphosis" before a large crowd of well-wishers. More details about this event and upcoming projects and exhibitions of the association can be found under "Projects" in our navigation bar or at www.kunstkompanie.de


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Message in the making ...
Hamburg, 24 Jun 2007

yes, but what will it be? The two onlookers appear to be asking themselves that very question. We offer the solution in eight stages in our latest photos (June 24) - see "Projects - Volkskunst at the ViewPoint" where we track the progress of this particular stoney message maker.


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